The Truth About Acne Vulgaris

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As you may know, battling acne can quite often be a difficult experience for adults and especially teenagers. Acne can potentially be a lifelong event, that can in some cases be treated within a few of days,and in other instances, may last many weeks and quite possibly years if not treated properly.Those suffering from acne can often feel embarrassed, traumatized or even depressed because of their annoying skin condition and the way it makes them look. What most people (non acne sufferers) do not know is that there is alot of social stress involved , despite advancements in treatments over the last few years. Parents of children suffering from this common skin disorder need to understand that this experience can be quite hard for their loved ones to deal with. Acne has the potential to be a very painful physical condition and even more so due to the social issues involved. If you suffer from acne, the following facts will help you out.

Acne vulgaris, or acne as it is more commonly referred to, is a very prevalent skin disease affecting people all over the world irrespective of gender,age or race.The upper body particularly the face,neck and chest are the most common acne prone areas for the person suffering from this dreaded skin disease. The reason it appears more often in those regions is due to the significant amount of oil producing sebaceous follicles present in those parts relative to the rest of the human body. This is the reason you will see acne more easily develop on the face, neck and the upper portion of the chest area relative to the rest of the body.

There are minor and major forms of acne. The mild variants are whiteheads and blackheads. However in quite a lot of cases, these two types of mild acne have actually developed into acne vulgaris and more severe acne. Squeezing pimples on your face isn't a wise move as those with first hand experience will testify to, the affected area has gotten worse and left scars on the skin.

There are other forms of acne scars that are not physical. For example, the acne sufferer who feels emotionally and socially embarrassed because of their annoying skin disorder, may develop intangible psychological scars that could be alot more harder to erase than the physical marks that remain. To further illustrate, if a pre-teen or teenager is taunted at school due to having acne, this (taunting) would only increase the burden of having to deal with the physical issues. A common and significant result of having acne is low self-esteem which can hinder an acne sufferer from getting the most out of life. A person suffering from this annoying skin problem especially if it develops on the face, is quite likely to be more hesitant than if they were not affected, to pursue some of their dreams especially those involving society due to low self esteem as a result of having acne.Previous medical research has determined that a higher likelihood for depression and even possible suicide with people suffering from this irritating condition of the skin.

Soft cleansing, along with the use of exfoliating products (made from natural ingredients) to get rid of dead skin cells, are a necessary acne prevention regimen that is highly recommended that you learn and make a regular part of your life. It is the combination of excess sebum or oil in your skin pores, mixed with dead skin cells, that cause skin pores to become blocked leading to the development of acne. A regular skin cleansing and exfoliation routine is the best option for the preventing or removing of acne.
It is very damaging to over cleanse or exfoliate your skin because it significantly increases the likelihood of more severe types of acne occurring.Furthermore, if the incorrect skin care routine and products are used,it can damage your skin and leave permanent scars before there is a chance to prevent that scarring . Remember that your skin will react to anything that is done to it. Cases of mild acne can treated with over the counter acne products.If you want to avoid all of the physical and emotional problems associated with this common skin disease, get yourself treated at the earliest indications of acne appearing. As soon as you suspect that you are developing a case of this unsightly problem, immediately visit a dermatologist and get advice about acne treatment. Take good care of your skin, prevent future misery and enjoy life to the fullest.

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