Make a Scar Fade: Show That Midriff to the World

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Open a magazine and how many pictures will one find of individuals baring their abdomen? In a society obsessed with beauty, any blemish on the skin can send a person into a tailspin. The abdomen is a very common site of heavy scarring, and a source of misery for many.

An individual's personal image can be affected not only by the trauma of a surgical procedure or an unfortunate event such, as a severe burn, but by the lasting marks left behind. These marks can place a restrictive limit to a sufferer's lifestyle. Articles of clothing that ordinarily would bring excitement are tossed aside because of the potential to make these wounds visible and thus the wearer uncomfortable. In extreme cases, social situations may be totally avoided, such as visiting a beach or pool because the possibility of others viewing the flaws becomes unbearable.

There is hope. Scar treatment cream can be used safely and effectively to lessen the appearance of these sites and give an individual a new lease on life. It is important to understand the nature of the body's healing process and the development of wound tissue. When the skin is damaged by trauma, disease or infection, the immediate response of the body is to produce a collagen fiber net. This is the same material that produces the scar tissue. Occasionally this tissue develops in excess, causing an unwelcome overgrowth. This situation can lead to painful, itchy, raised and discolored skin which may need attention for the comfort of the individual.

The principle behind scar treatment cream is to prevent expansion of the afflicted area; aid in flattening the raised tissue; lessening the itch sometimes associated with the new skin formation; protect the important moisture balance of the skin; and neutralize the discoloration sometimes created by the new skin growth.

Keloid scars are a serious situation in which the keloid tissue forms beyond the original scar tissue itself. In severe cases it can progress to a point in which motion is limited. These individuals usually have a genetic disposition to this problem, as documented by family members. Scar treatment cream can effectively be used for keloids as well when used in conjunction with a dermatologist. It is important to realize that the scar tissue will never completely disappear. Treatment is aimed instead at lessening the symptoms of the bothersome tissue to a tolerable level for the individual afflicted with scars.

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