Methods For Treating The Effects Of Acne Scarring

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We probably don't appreciate it at the time, but every spot we squashed when we're children or teenagers can leave a permanent reminder right the way through adult life. That's because squeezing and opening them are main reasons for the pitting and scarring that affects many adults even after their spots and acne have disappeared. Of course, when we're young and impressionable and peer pressure and looks are powerful guides to our actions, the urge to squeeze a spot or temporarily remove a white head is much stronger than the prospect that our skin might be clearer and better looking in later life In addition, many of us are susceptible to acne scarring even when we have been careful not to squeeze our spots, and even if our condition was very mild.

Sadly, we can't turn back time and unsqueeze our spots and we certainly can't magic the remaining scares away, so many people have to put up with the results of their acne for years, which can have a serious effect on people's confidence. The good news is that nowadays there are amazing means of getting rid of the acne scarring, and a few trips to a clinic can remedy the problem permanently.

Treating acne scarring has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, to the extent that it is a relatively simple procedure carried out in a clinic. Treatment will depend on the nature and the level of the scarring, of which there are a few commonly identifiable types, known as ice pick scars (or pickaxe scars), rolling scars and boxcar scars.

It is worth noting that some blemishes that are self-diagnosed as scars might in fact turn out to be simply temporary marks which will heal themselves, possibly over several months. A dermatologist will be able to tell which type a given mark is, and will advise accordingly. If the blemishes or pitting do turn out to be genuine acne scars, different types of procedures can be of assistance. A frequent option is the removal of the outer skin, the epidermis, in the affected area. This may not seem like a nice option but is much less brutal than it sounds as this layer is extremely thin. Clearing does not take happen straight away, but it stimulates skin growth in the lower layers, which results in a smooth upper surface and better appearance.

Fractional laser resurfacing stimulates growth of collagen by applying the heat of the laser in small bursts to the skin. Where it regrows, the skin rebuilds in a much smoother form. Treatment types and frequencies will depend on the severity of the acne scarring. Other treatments include microdermabrasion, but the appropriate remedy will depend largely on the scarring and the age of the problem condition.

So if you're currently suffering from acne, the most important thing to remember is not to pick at or squeeze your spots, as this can have far-reaching consequences. If you're one of the thousands people who has problems with post-acne scarring, however, there's a good likelihood that it can be greatly improved or possibly even eliminated altogether.

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