Health Benefits of Almonds

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Discover the health benefits of almonds! Almonds are "drupes", having a hard outer shell with the nut inside. They grow on a small deciduous tree native to the, Mediterranean region of the Middle East. Today almonds are sold as shelled or unshelled, around the world. The top five almond producing countries include: United States, Spain, Syria,Turkey and Algeria.

Almonds can be sweet or bitter. The bitter almond is lightly broader and shorter than the sweet kind. Bitter almonds can not be eaten but are used in almond oil, perfumes or cosmetics. Sweet almonds come in two forms: thin and thick skinned. Thin skinned type are higher in calories, but more valuable overall. Almonds can be eaten raw as whole almonds, used as almond oil, in almond paste, or as powdered almonds. In whatever way they're used, they provide healthful benefits for the body, inside and out.


Helps lower LDL levels (bad cholesterol)
Maintains HDL (good cholesterol levels)
High Nutrient Value
Increases Fiber Content; (aids constipation)
Helps Maintain Blood Sugar Level
Antioxidants Benefits
Increases Blood Flow
Increases Bone Density; (helps osteoporosis; builds stronger skeletal system)
Aids Digestive System; (has laxative properties)
Boosts Energy; (has high magnesium, calcium and potassium content)
Increases Memory and Concentration; (has manganese and phosphorous)
Anti-Carcinogenic Properties
Relieves Stress
Has Aromatherapy Benefits; (used mostly as a carrier oil)
Helps Numerous Diseases, especially, Anemia; (has high copper content)


-- Mix one teaspoon of almond oil with 1/2 cup warm milk for indigestion.
-- Mix powdered almonds and orange juice, to relieve coughs and throat infections.
-- Combine sweet almond oil, glycerin and garlic juice, and use as an ear drop.


Anti-aging Properties; reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Softens Skin
Tones Skin
Absorbs Quickly
Eases Minor Irritations: eczema, dryness, inflammation, itchiness
Helps Remove Toxins from Blood; cleanses skin internally
Helps Get Rid of Blackheads & Pimples; (acne relief)
Cools Steam Burns
Protects Against Minor Infections
Used for Massages; (rejuvenates, replenishes skin)
Contains Benefits of Vitamin E
Helps Get Rid of Dandruff
Reduces Hair Fall
Slows Graying of Hair


-- Mix almond oil, milk cream, and fresh rosebud to a paste for youthful looking skin.
-- Find almond oil in homemade goat milk soap. When combining almond oil and goats milk, you're receiving maximum, healthful, skin care benefits. Goat milk contains the benefits of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K! Goat milk soap leaves skin close to its natural pH level. It does not aggravate or irritant skin, like most commercial soaps. These soaps are gentle and naturally moisturizing, leaving not oily after effects. They are healthful and nourishing for skin. Since these soaps are handmade, a variety of ingredients can be used to customize for maximum skin care benefits.


The natural emollients in almond oil gives a luxurious, lathering, soap that will moisturize your skin. Almond oil blends well with: chamomile, lavender, geranium, sweet orange, milk and honey.

Sweet almond oil has a short shelf life of 4 to 6 months. Adding 10% wheat germ oil, to dilute, will extend its shelf life. Store it in a cool dark place or refrigerate. It can last 6 months and up to one year. if stored properly. It's wonderful to use in homemade soap recipes.

* CAUTION! Those with nut allergies, should avoid use. Ask your health care provider, if in doubt, before using almonds or almond oil in any way. *

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