Adult Acne - The Reasons Your Adult Acne Is Still Hanging Around

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Ok so you have adult acne and you're wondering why it's still hanging around like that "friend" of yours that just won't take a hint. You never want hang out, your phone always goes to voice mail, and you're always to busy. But they just never seem to take the hint.
So why is our acne clinging to our skin so tenaciously? Why haven't we out grown it like everyone else? I used to wonder the same exact thing; I was well into my twenties and my acne was dug in worse than a tick. No matter what I tried, no matter how many products I threw on my skin, my acne just laughed and dared me to try more.
This is when I slowly began learning everything I could about acne and especially adult acne. I would read for hours and hours about all the different theories and treatments for acne. I tried so many things that worked for other people on the forums. Some of them for downright silly, like dunking your head in steaming hot water for a minute at a time or even using horseradish (which stunk bad but actually was decent on acne).
But ultimately, none of them cured my acne. I still had awful breakouts with no end in sight. This is when I slowly started reading more about natural and holistic acne treatments; things like changing my diet and drinking water. I started taking high grade forms of Vitamin A and Zinc, I avoided processed foods as much as possible and totally dropped dairy from my diet.
And you know what? My adult acne started to clear up. My skin was looking better than it had in years. But I still had acne and my new found progress started to backslide. I became stressed because I thought this was good as it was going to get. I started to get stressed when my friends wanted to go out to eat; should I look like a weirdo and order lemon water with a side of spinach, or forget it all eat what I wanted.
All that stress I began to heap on myself was my undoing; my acne came right back because I didn't think I could just keep it up and I didn't like all the stress I was putting myself under. Back to the drawing board.
It wasn't until I started reading more about the internal causes about acne did I really learn why my breakouts kept happening. This is the whole point of adult acne; people who "outgrow" acne are really just lucky. We sad few, unfortunately, have to take care of the internal problems to get rid of our acne once and for all.

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