Hessonite Gemstone- A Medicine To Cure Rahu's Bad Effects

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In astrology, it is believed that all planets have their different powers. Some are taken as very favorable planet to human being and some are as malefic. Rahu is one of the most such malefic planets and if it is at wrong place in the horoscope of the person, it can snatch everything from him be it his wealth, life, health, prosperity, reputation or something else. To cure such bad effects, gemstones is prescribed as per astrology that is Gomed.

Gomed is also known by names of Hessonite, Pita rakta Mani, orange gem, Rahu's jewel, Rahu's gem, Rahu's ratna, Tamo- Mani etc. It is birthstone of January born people so sometime people also call it January birthstone.

It is found mainly in brown, yellowish brown or colour of cow's urine. And it is suitable to be worn by the person in whose horoscope rahu is placed at some unfavorable place or Rahu Mahadasha period is effective. Rahu mahadasha period can be one of the worst periods in life of the concerned person if in his horoscope rahu is not at good place as it is said that it left nothing positive in life of such person. It is a shadow planet and equated with head of the dragon and if it is at good place in person's horoscope, it gives everything ever wished in dream to the person during period of Rahu Mahadasha.

Hessonite benefits the person in both situations. It extends the ambit of success and good things in life the person if rahu is at good place by wearing it in period of Rahu Mahadasha and saves the person from bad effects caused by bad positioned Rahu in the person's horoscope also by wearing it.

It is studded in silver metal and to be worn on Saturday after two hours of sunset in middle finger of right hand as this finger after chanting Rahu Mantra.

And lastly if I talk about why to buy hessonite, it can be bought by two ways; one is online options and second is offline; by visiting gems shops. To buy Gomed from online options, care and precaution is needed as whatever photos of gemstones usually posted on websites does not match with the quality of the gemstones delivered. So the better way to buy gomed from online options with its certificate as that certificate can certify its real value and originality.

And when we talk about offline option that is by visiting gems shop it is widely available everywhere but I personally trust Delhi as the place where it should be bought. Actually Hessonite price in Delhi is much fairer than anywhere I think. Here you can found original Gomed stone in gems shop in affordable price. However it is also a truth that sometime you have to bargain in matter of price at some places like Chandni chauk etc because at such places bargaining really gives good results. In my opinion from offline options too gemstones should be bought with proper and genuine gems certificate so that in future too good return scan be earned by reselling it.

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