Cystic Acne Treatments - Which Are The Ideal Ones Around?

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One of the most severe forms of acne vulgaris is cystic acne, otherwise also known as nodulocystic acne. One word of advice, as soon as you are aware of it happening to you, see your dermatologist immediately as it may adversely affect your skin in the long run if untreated.Since this form of acne is significantly more severe than others, it is in your best interest not to delay taking action, so as to avoid the risk of developing permanent acne scarring.

What you will find in this article is a look at various forms of cystic acne treatment normally prescribed, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. As much as I'd like to jump straight into the treatments available, it would definitely serve best to first understand the nature of cystic acne.

When you have inflamed, deep blushes breaking out over parts of your body like your face, shoulder and back that could be a good indication that you might have cystic acne. Interestingly, if you have these signs, you may not necessarily have cystic acne unless actual cysts develop as part of your condition.

So what are cysts? Well they're basically bumps or blemishes in your skin that feel soft and are fluid-filled. Normally the same size as normal pimples, these cysts should not be burst so as to avoid cross infection. Chances are, you might also find you see bumps called nodules. You can easily identify nodules because they resemble hard pimples and can normally cause pain when you touch them. Don't expect nodules to disappear overnight, even with professional assistance as they originate deeper within the skin layer.

Statistically, it appears that cystic acne occurs more regularly in people whose families have a history of suffering from the condition. In general however, young adult men below 35 years of age and teenagers seem to be affected by cystic acne more than the rest of the population. You may think that cystic acne is caused when you have poor facial cleansing habits or a poor diet, however that is not the case. In short it is unlikely to be caused by external factors.

As explained earlier however, it does seem that genetic predisposition is one of the primary causes for this severe form of acne. The next section gives details on treatments for cystic acne available. The first thing to mention is that I highly recommend you consult a dermatologist without delay to profile your skin condition because cystic acne can quickly increase in severity. Nonetheless, details of available treatments are provided below, especially focusing on their particular negative and positive points. Listed here are the top 5 forms of treatment for cystic acne:-

a) Oral antibiotics

The most common form you find these in is orally ingested pills. Typically, you will be given these in blocks of 3 monthly supplies. No matter how much improvement you may see throughout the course of treatment, make sure you finish it so that antibiotic immunity does not develop in the bacteria. The way this treatment works is by controlling the P-acne infection by gradually reducing the number of bacteria in the skin.

Antibiotics should give the desired result as long as any allergic reactions you have to antibiotics are disclosed fully to your doctor. The plus point for this treatment is that it is generally quite affordable. On the flipside, you may suffer minor side effects such as minor stomach discomfort or occasional bouts of nausea.

b) Isotretinoin

While you may not immediately recognize isotretinoins, you may recognize brands such as Isotane, Claravis, Amnesteem and RoAccutane - these are one and the same. Similar to antibiotics, these are available in tablet form but cost more as a treatment form. These drugs give better results in treating cystic acne because they work through several different mechanisms. The first way it functions is by controlling how much sebum your body produces, by controlling the size of your gland openings.

In addition to that they have antimicrobial properties and eliminate P-acne bacteria colonies. Unfortunately, using this drug may result in negative side effects that are more noticeable. It is not uncommon for the user to experience dryness in lips, skin and eyes. Other side effects include temporary acne breakouts and flaking of skin due to dryness. On the balance however, few other cystic acne treatments work as well as this one.

c) Oral contraceptives (for women)

You should probably not use this as your 1st option to control acne, but it is certainly a method that can benefit women who were intending on taking oral contraceptives anyway. Essentially, this method works by controlling your sebum secretion levels, and this is achieved by reducing overall testosterone production levels.

Be warned, depending on the way these contraceptives work, some work in reverse by increasing your testosterone levels. If this is the case, your condition may worsen if you use them. The best way to approach this is by giving disclosure to your pharmacist so that contraceptives that are also useful in controlling acne can be prescribed.

d) Surgical excision and drainage

This is surgical procedure that focuses on the cosmetic aspects. Due to the level of risks involved, it is generally not recommended unless your symptoms are deemed to be quite severe. Basically, small cuts are made by the surgeon on your lesions to drain fluids within cystic cavities. Many who have gone through this procedure marvel at the results they can see, but one consideration to take is that this procedure can be fairly expensive.

e) Intralesional injections

Intralesional injections involve the surgeon giving you injections with a mixture of drugs into your facial lesions, hence the name. Similar to the procedure above, it deals only with the external appearances but can also be beneficial in helping with acne scarring. A few things should be considered, the procedure may be slightly painful and cost quite a bit but it can be worth the effort as positive results can be seen relatively quickly.

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