A Left-Of-Field Acne Cream Review

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Read any acne cream review and you'll find different theories about the best way to treat the troubled skin problem. From commercially-prepared solutions to age old theories of cider vinegar and water! There are common ingredients found in many manufactured acne treatments such as benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which are proven to do wonderful things for our skin and help us on the journey to trouble-free skin.

However the reality is that for many teens and adults, acne is a continuous problem - even if they keep using acne treatments. I've seen this in my daughters teen friends and my own friends when I was growing up. Yet for me personally I am a self-diagnosed 'health nut' and I'll always look for natural solutions to any problem. Mainly because I believe that at our core we are living organisms that are designed to self-heal, and that if the body isn't healing then something is blocking it from within.

I have to warn those people who only want scientific research and hard facts from an acne cream review: this article is probably not for you. Because what I want to argue is that 90% of disease (or dis-ease) in the body starts from a mental or subconscious thought. Yes, that's right. At some level, we allow dis-ease in our body from a thought originating within us that we are not beautiful enough, not being strong enough, or that we are feeling flat, tired or weak. Without realising it we allow the chemical imbalance inside us to occur, and for the acne-stimulating forces to kick into action.

For some of you reading this I know you'll be nodding your head in agreement. The same principle applies to any illness such as the common cold, the flu or even a stomach upset. If the body isn't in 100% alignment with it's health state, and the mental processes cause a chemical imbalance inside of us then we create an opening for a new virus or bacteria to enter in and cause us some illness.

So how does one overcome this? There are some acne cream reviews that talk about the need to exercise, take time out for recharging, eating low-fat diets and practicing self care. All of these are well-documented and there are plenty of health and well-being magazines that provide lots of options to creating a life of health and vitality. Well I'll go one step further to say that self-love and creating real inner peace and harmony is the basis of all health.

In the years that I have practiced regular yoga and meditation, I have been the healthiest ever without getting sick. I've responded to stress much easier and my skin has glowed. Don't believe me? Try it - I swear by it. When I am practicing meditation daily and yoga at least twice a week, my skin glows and I have no blemishes or acne at all.

So whilst this acne cream review might be a little different to the rest, I stand by my claims and I know that for those people who have suffered acne and tried everything - you should start considering cleaning up your 'inner world' and watching the changes. I promise you won't be disappointed.

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