How to Cure Acne or Heal Acne

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Curing acne using natural methods are affordable because the natural products you use can be easily found and they don't usually cost much. Some examples will be lemons, carrot juice and raw apple vinegars. You can apply the juices of these products on affected area of your skin and wash them off after leaving them on for 15 to 20 minutes. Do this daily for 2 weeks and you should be able to see your acne condition improving

Mint leaves and milk mixture: One of the easiest way to clear your acne at home is to make a paste of mint leaves and milk and then apply it on the spot of acne affected area. Then keep it up to 20-25 minutes and wash it gently. Mint leaves are basically bacteria killer and are very effective against the acne.

Your skin will feel extremely oily during these hours. It's hot out there and it's making you to sweat. Your sweat can cause the bacterias to infect your skin, so make sure you wipe your skin regularly with a clean piece of towel or tissue. During the tea breaks, you need to apply some tea tree oil on your skin.

Now on to diet. A good diet is one of the best natural acne solutions you'll find. Avoid oily, fried and fatty food choices like the plague. Cram your diet with lean meats and fruits and vegetables. You can't overdo the produce! Packed with skin nourishing and healing nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and E, as well as the trace mineral zinc, that produce will work wonders in preventing and eliminating acne, but you've got to practice these diet choices all the time, for best effect. BTW, many kids with acne also suffer from chronic constipation, which allows toxins to build up in your system and eventually show up in acne!

Another treatment found to be helpful as an acne cure is blue-light therapy. The Food and Drug Administration has approved high intensity, narrow band treatment to treat acne. Blue light therapy is arguably the best of the light treatments for acne control. The light works by killing the bacteria known to cause acne. The blue light treatment is usually tried when acne has not responded well to other therapy for acne. Blue light is free of ultraviolet light which used to be considered a therapy for acne. UV light has been found to damage the skin cells.

Chinese herbal remedies specifically tailored to the individual. * Vitamin C (with bio flavonoids) * An antioxidant blend (containing at least vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium and perhaps lipoic acid, glutathione, cysteine, lycopene, extracts of green tea. * Olive leaf extract

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