Looking For Something to Get Rid of Pearly Penile Papules?

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Looking for something to take out pearly penile papules seems to be a serious preoccupation among men who have them. After all, they're not at all the healthiest and aesthetically pleasing things to see in one's penis. These efforts to get rid of the unsightly growths can only be attributed to cosmetic reasons. That fact is that pearly penile papules do not pose any danger to one's health. They are not symptoms of a disease, nor are they diseases themselves. Even their cause remains to be a mystery among doctors and medical experts. Some think that they are caused by blocked sweat glands, while some attribute them to swelling pores. However, everyone is in agreement that penile papules are not indicative of any health problem. Moreover, men who have them should not be worried about transmitting them to other people, particularly their sexual partners, as the condition is not contagious or transmittable.

The fact that these papules are not a health danger does not deter men who have them from wanting to get rid of them. These growths can be very unsightly and can be an encumbrance in one's sex life. After all, a guy can only have so much patience to explain to every sexual partner he has that what he has in his penis is not dangerous and that he does not have any STD. It may be true that pearly penile papules can deter men from engaging in a promiscuous lifestyle or having too much sexual activity. But it cannot be denied that young men have the perception that they can only enjoy their lives if they get to be highly sexually active. It just so happens that a lot of men with pearly papules report that they started having them in their 20s until their 40s. No wonder there's a great desire to get rid of them, despite their non-threatening nature.

The internet teems with men who have pearly penile papules dispensing all sorts of advice regarding how to deal with the condition. A lot recommend home remedies, to some degree of success, with some failing. Here are some "cures" people have recommended for the condition:

* Using toilet or blotting paper to take off the "moisture" from the papules, drying them out and in the process getting rid of them. This method does not work because these papules do not weep or bleed out the "moisture" in them, unlike for example, some genital warts or STD growths that release some kind of pus when they are popped. Penile papules do not have that moisture, so this method simply does not work.

* Anti-wrinkle and anti-acne topical solutions have been recommended by some who have pearly penile papules, although it is highly suspicious if they do work. The cause of wrinkles and acne has not been proven to be the same cause of the papules, so the action of these topical solutions may be wasted on them.

* As with a lot of skin problems, dealing with these papules by laser treatment can be effective in the sense that the method will surely take out the growths. Then again, using laser treatments does not guarantee that the papules won't grow back in the future anymore. Moreover, a laser procedure will always produce some sort of scarring on the skin treated. For those who think that laser scars look better than pearly papules, then this method may be considered.

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