Benzoyl Peroxide - Facts You Should Know

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An acne treatment that is commonly used by many is the Benzoyl Peroxide. Benzoyl Peroxide is an active ingredient that can cause chemical change to our skin when applied. This medication has been used for many years now. This ingredient is found on over-the-counter products like Exposed Acne Treatment and Clerasil. Benzoly Peroxide contains a chemical compound of benzoic acid and oxygen that peels off the upper layer of dead cells of the skin. Benzoyl Peroxide can be found in cleansers, gels, lotions and creams. It is less expensive than other acne medications and is known for its gentleness on the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide is usually combined with Salicylic Acid to form an effective acne treatment. These two ingredients are found mostly on popular over-the-counter-products like Clerasil and Oxy-10. Both Benzoyl Peroxide and salicylic acid have been proven to be efficient in preventing acne but can be damaging for conceiving moms. Research shows that salicylic acid when ingested orally can cause birth defects and even though it was not yet proven to have side effects when applied topically, as a mom you should not imperil the wellness of your baby. Therefore, avoid using salicylic acid when you're pregnant.

Exposed Acne Treatment is one of the most popular acne treatment sold today. This acne medication has been proven to be very efficient in removing acne because it has Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Exposed Acne Treatment also contains aloe vera which maintains moisture of the skin leaving it smooth and good-looking. It is really important to cleanse and moisturize the skin in order to maintain and stop acne from causing further damage to the skin.There are also cases when Benzoyl Peroxide is said to cause irritation and dryness to the skin. Skin irritation and flaking can cause the skin to be weak and prone to new acne. In order to prevent damage to the skin, it is important that you take the exact dosage of Benzoyl Peroxide for acne treatment. Exposed Acne Treatment is noted to have low-level of Benzoyl Peroxide and thus very safe to use. Many other skin care porducts like Neobenz has high concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide about 8.5%, hence a doctor's prescription is needed before you can purchase it.

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