How To Write Cute Friendship Quotes

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Quotes are the best way to express your thoughts, feelings and mood with just a few words. In fact some people claim that writing quotes is a form of art like poetry.

It is very well known that most of the quotes were introduced to the world by mistake; meaning the people who said or wrote those quotes don't even meant them to have a meaningful interpretation or inspiration. They just said that in the hit of the moment and forget it. But we, the audience didn't forgot it, maybe because it was funny, or had deep meaning for us or maybe just because the famous person said that at the right moment. But the fact remains the same: we all remember and enjoy these quotes.

There are few ways to create quotes, the easiest one is like mentions previously, do not think about it too much, just let your thought and feelings fly in the air and try to capture it essence in few words. The other way to do it is by thinking about meaning first and not about words. Think of a topic you like to discuss and than find the meaning behind this topic. At last try to figure out how you connect the topic and the meaning with few words.

While you try to think of quotes you might notice that sometimes it is very hard to sum up a whole idea in just one or two sentences. The truth is that it is much harder to write short than to write long, so this leads us to the third way to write quotes the story. Every quote has a story behind it, so if write a short story first about a specific topic it will be much easier for you to sum it up with a quote. In this way you are not creating only on line but even a whole new story.

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