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As a teenager having acne is just part of growing up. It is inconvenient and can make us embarrassed but we can take comfort in knowing that everyone else at school is dealing with the same thing. Puberty is supposed to be the worst of our acne years; by adulthood we're supposed to be mostly finished with it. This is the main reason that adults do not deal well with the occasional zit or pimple and they get so embarrassed by the random breakout. Nothing makes us relive our teenage years like waking up to a face that has a few spots and bumps. It can hurt quite a lot to have a breakout when you are an adult. No matter what number your age starts with, use these hints to help you deal with your next breakout.

You need to keep your sheets, blankets and especially your pillowcases as clean as possible. For some people, keeping their blankets and sheets and pillowcases clean is not a priority. If you have problems with acne, you cannot afford to be one of these people. Instead you should make the time to clean your bedding-especially your pillowcases-every couple of days. Dirt and other pore clogging debris can get into your face while you sleep and keeping your linens clean helps to prevent this. Don't wear dirty pajamas or clothing. Something as seemingly benign as wearing last night's pajamas could be just enough to clog some of the pores in your face and cause new pimples to form by morning. Choose makeup that is easier on your skin, wear less of it or skip it altogether. You can now buy makeup that includes sunscreen which will help you cut down on the amount of things you apply to your face every morning. Instead of choosing "regular" make up, buy make up that is made with minerals and vitamins that help your skin stay healthy. It is not a good idea to choose your makeup because it is the cheapest brand on the shelf. Do not cake the makeup on. You want to wear the lightest amount of makeup that you can get away with. Don't worry--it is still possible to paint your face without adding pounds of creams and powders to it! Never go to bed with your makeup on-this is very important! Acne breakouts almost always follow a night spent sleeping in your makeup.

You have lots of acne treatments to choose from. You might be able to use a simple mask made of natural ingredients while someone else might need something so strong they need a prescription from their doctor to use it. Still others insist that a simple balanced diet and getting enough exercise should be enough to keep the acne away. It might take some time before you find the remedy that works best for you. It shouldn't take too long before you discover the acne remedy that works best for you. Just keep at it and soon you will be able to enjoy having clean skin!

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