Mosaic Total Skin Rejuvenating System Review

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When it comes to painless, scarless and fast skin rejuvenation, Lutronic USA LLC's Mosaic total skin rejuvenating system is known to be one of those that works. It received a lot of attention from skin experts and clients who wants to ensure a safe procedure that delivers impressive results.

How does Mosaic Total Skin Rejuventating System work?

Mosaic total skin rejuvenating system works by having laser beams penetrate the inner layers of the skin in order to destroy abnormal or aging cells. The microscopic laser beams is directed to only a small portion of the total skin surface, approximately 5-20% to ensure that there is adequate skin surface that can react to the rejuvenating process. The area where the lasers where the lasers create a mosaic of microscopic wounds or micro necrotic columns are then stimulated to start the healing process. The healing process is also where rejuvenation commences because it promotes the formation of collagen and elastin; the very factors that makes the skin look and feel younger.

Because the wounds are made internally, there is no visible scarring on the surface. And since only a small area is affected for every session it increases patient's comfort during the procedure.

What are the Benefits?

Mosaic total skin rejuvenating system is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for dermatologic use and it is one of the most advanced technology in the market today. One of its major functions is soft tissue coagulation which results to a youthful change. It eliminates the wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, sun spots, age spots, and uneven pigmentation. In addition to that Mosaic treatment also results to a radiant, smooth and healthier skin with good elasticity. It also makes the pores finer and less visible.

It is most appropriate for those who have little to no time to wait for results because the entire procedure can be done under an hour. It is definitely a lunch time procedure because after that you can immediately return to normal activities since it doesn't have any downtime. Mosaic provides a less abrasive therapy but with thorough and effective results.

What special features does Mosaic have?

Mosaic total skin rejuvenation uses Lutron's patented Conrtolled Chaos Technology (CCT) where the laser delivers scattered rays that are randomly positioned on the specific area that is to be treated. Despite the rays being microscopic it penetrates deep into the dermal layers with uniformed intensity. To ensure this uniformity Mosaic has a Total Density Counter to ensure an accurate count of the micro necrotic columns or dermal wounds made in a specific area which are also appropriately spaced apart. The Stamp and Scan dual operation system on the other hand promotes a faster and efficient pace.

Fractional lasing technique is also featured in Mosaic total skin rejuvenation system which uses the "dotting system". As mentioned earlier, this is the system wherein only 5-20% of the total skin surface is affected with the laser treatment. This technique gives the uninjured area a chance to respond to the rejuvenation process.

Any side effects that I should be aware of?

The Mosaic total rejuvenation system also has some share of side effects. A few days after the treatment you may notice some redness within the area treated. This is a sign that the healing process is occurring at the deeper level of the skin. Your skin will also take a bronze appearance after the procedure. This will however only last for a week, and then you will experience your skin exfoliating as the outer layer flakes off similar to that of a mild sunburn. You may also experiencing minimal swelling but will be resolved after a few days.

Are there any untoward reactions with this treatment?

Adverse reactions occurs rarely with Mosaic total skin rejuvenation system and it would include temporary changes in the pigmentation of the skin and the formation of small blisters on the skin.

Does it have a reliable performance?

With the FDA approval that it received a consumer would have that guaranteed that it is safe for use for its intended purpose. This is also backed up by its good service record and excellent performance reported by the various clinics that have been using this treatment. It also has a good patient satisfaction rate since it provides them with that non-ablative treatment that produces impressive results for a short treatment. In addition to this, it also stays true that it is a scarless treatment because with the system that enables the doctor to control the intensity of laser treatment the intensity is kept within a safe and therapeutic range.

Mosaic also has a user-friendly technology with its touch screen LCD interface making it easy to maneuver. It helps the doctor to easily customize the treatment for each patient. In addition to that, this technology also assists the physician in monitoring the patient's reaction to the treatment as it goes.

To sum up its performance level, Mosaic, with its built-in features is able to provide a safe effective non-ablative treatment.

What is the downtime for this procedure and how long will I see results?

You can immediately return to normal activities after treatment because there is no downtime necessary for this procedure. You will immediately feel improvement after the first treatment. Your fine lines will become less visible and your skin smoother. Abnormal pigmentations will also fade as it leaves your face looking youthful.

How many treatments are necessary until I get the best results?

There will be no definite amount but most clinics usually advice around 3-5 treatments for optimum results. This would vary because the doctor would asses you first on the intensity and amount of treatments that you need depending on the skin condition that you have.

The Mosaic total skin rejuvenation treatment is definitely a reliable skin renewal system as it provides a dependable service backed up by regulating bodies, doctors, cosmetic experts and satisfied customers. It promises and delivers a fast, painless and scar-free treatment which everybody so desires in a skin rejuvenating treatment. With very little side effects and rare occurrences of untoward reactions, it really gives you your money's worth because Mosaic has proven itself to have a good margin of safety made possible by the advanced technology that it is made of.

We all want the easy way out of our problems, even when it comes to skin issues. This is made possible by Mosaic skin rejuvenation technology as it helps improve the skin's appearance without the usual pain and scarring. The Hair and Laser Clinic in Singapore is among the dependable clinic that you can have youthful looking skin with Dr. Tyng Tan's expertise.

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