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In general, there are two types of hair loss:

Sudden hair loss, which occurs overnight. The ancient Chinese called this type "lap of ghost." It is now known as alopecia areata.

The other type of hair loss is gradual hair loss, which often results horseshoe-shaped baldness

In this letter, we are going to focus on alopecia areata, which is sudden limited hair loss.

The causes of sudden hair loss often lie in congenital or acquired factors. Sometimes baldness can be traced to certain scalp diseases (such as yellow ringworm, chicken pox, carbuncle, furuncle, etc.) which leave scars without hair.

Sometimes systemic diseases (such as scarlet fever, typhoid fever, measles, postpartum hemorrhage, acute fever, the long-term post-wasting disease) also can cause hair loss.

Most young and middle-aged men who lose their hair early, which is commonly known as "hsieh-top", do so because of seborrheic alopecia.

In women, pregnancy and certain oral contraceptives, which result in a hormone imbalance, can also cause sudden hair loss.

Finally, for both men and women, certain anti-cancer drugs and treatments for epilepsy, gout, acne, thyroid disease as well as large doses of vitamin A may cause hair loss. In addition, exposure to certain chemical agents and emotional factors can also lead to hair loss.

The main feature of alopecia areata is that patients have a normal scalp without inflammation and often inadvertently find that the head has a circular or oval-shaped spot hair loss. The hair on the edge of the bald area is very loose, very easy to pull out.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believed that this type of hair loss results from Qi Stagnation, blood deficiency and dry wind, and they developed an all-natural formula that has been proven to stop this type of hair loss over thousands of years.

That formula is called alopecia areata pills, or Ban Tu Wan. This powerful formula acts to nourish the blood, guide qi and promote circulation.

The end result?

Hair loss is stopped in its tracks
Existing hair grows stronger and healthier
And new hair is grown from the now nutrient-rich scalp!
Best of all Ban Tu Wan works equally well for both men and women.

So what are you waiting for? If you are losing hair, it's time that you put the power of traditional Chinese medicine to work for you.

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When a safe, natural treatment that has been proven effective over thousands of years is available at a fraction of the cost?
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