Acne Wash

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Acne is a common skin disease that can be caused by a number of different elements and factors. Some of these factors are related to your oil glands becoming over active or clogged with dirt and bacteria. A good treatment practice is to use an Acne Wash to rid yourself of the skins excessive oil. It was often believed that you were suppose to remove all the oil from your skin so it was dry and oil free. However washing your skin and drying it out can have a reverse effect and actually create more acne.

Carefully washing and taking care of your skin so you won't have acne outbreaks is an essential part of good hygiene, however you have to find the right balance to ensure you don't have further outbreaks. A good washing and rinsing of your skin removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. The question still remains, what is the best acne wash?

There is no single answer to this ongoing question because everyone's skin is unique. There are also different causes of acne outbreaks that occur for different reasons. Acne breakouts can be controlled by finding and using the right acne wash that best suits your skin.

The ingredients that are in many acne washes vary from acne wash to acne wash. There is one ingredient that seems to be found in most acne washes and that is salicylic acid. This agent acts as an exfoliate that is designed to penetrate the exfoliate that will clear away dead skin cells that typically clog pores. This type of acne wash works best with comedonal and non-inflammatory acne. Be aware that there are certain side effects including but not limited to stinging, burning and peeling skin.

Another common ingredient that is used in acne wash is Sulfur. sulfurs primary job is to dry the skin out and make it peel. This also helps reduce the amount of oil that the skin retains in order to keep the pores open and free of debris. Be aware that there are some possible side effects including but not limited to burning, peeling or other skin irritations.

Glycerin, goat's milk and vitamin E oil are some of the many other ingredients that you are most likely to find in acne washes to counter act the side effects of salicylic acid or sulfur. Glycerin, which is a well known moisturizer like goats milk, contains loads of helpful ingredients that replace the destroyed ones by the acne wash.

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