Home Remedies For Acne - How To Deal With Acne For A Week

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Acne is really a serious problem for lot of teenagers and adults all over the world. The good news is that you don't have to go too far in looking for a medicine. There are so many home remedies for acne right there! And the best of all, you can find some of them in your garden and kitchen. Or you can go to the nearest store and find non-prescriptive product for you. Home remedies for acne will leave you worry-free and will help you skin look and feel healthy and clean.

The main rule in cleaning the skin is to keep your skin nourished inside and clean outside. People suffering from acne have to be very careful about the products and methods used to cleanse the skin. You have to choose gentle herbal cleansers for the face. There are products on the market made especially for acne skin. Use them at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, to remove perspiration and pollutants that have built up on the skin.

Cosmetics and Make-Up
Consider about choosing cosmetics according to your skin type. Avoid oily cosmetics and wear the least amount of make-up you feel comfortable with. Thus you will avoid irritations on your skin and help your skin get maximum oxygen supply.

Hands Down!
Picking or squeezing the pimples and blemishes will only make them worse, so try to avoid touching them. Actually a pimple will last from one to four weeks and will go away on its own. And squeezing or picking it will not make it disappear any faster, but can cause open sores that lead to infection.

Herbal Acne Treatment
Home remedies for acne includes herbal ways which are very useful and effective on the skin problems. Echinacea, chamomile, lavender, bergamot, dandelion or burdock root can all be used to help the skin improve its overall condition.

Homemade Acne Therapy
There are a few recipes for home remedies for acne and you can try them to treat your skin. You can make a mixture from a couple of natural components and apply to affected skin area. Apply these creams directly to the affected acne area and rinse well after 20-30 minutes, unless the directions state otherwise.

1. Honey and cinnamon poultices. Use this cream during the night and in the next morning rinse well with warm water.
2. Ginger and milk
3. Orange ground peel and water
4. Vinegar and salt
5. Cinnamon and lemon juice
6. Ground sesame seeds with water. Poultice like this has great effect on reducing the inflammation.

Following these simple tips and steps will cure your skin and help reduce the acne problem. Using home remedies for acne is one of the best solutions because it helps your skin deal with the problem naturally and effectively.

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