Glycolic Acid Acne Treatment

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Glycolic Acid acne treatment is a rather extreme and professional procedure used by dermatologists to treat acne. You will also find Glycolic Acid in beauty and skin care products but in smaller dosages that should not cause any side effects.

The reason that Glycolic Acid has and is used for acne treatment and in other beauty and skin care products is due to its ability to reach beneath the outer layer of skin. It's effective at unblogging your pores and getting rid of bacteria that has been found to be the cause of spots.

When used by dermatologists Glycolic Acid is often used as a chemical peel treatment, which can be rather unpleasant and is why you need professional supervision.

What is Chemical peel treatment?

Chemical peel treatments even sound painful and in practise can be too. They involve firstly cleansing the skin to remove any excess oil and then the Glycolic Acid is applied to the facial areas that require treatment.

After awhile the application forms a layer that can easily be removed. During this process though it can be quite painful and causes a burning sensation that can be quite unpleasant. The skin after peeling can be quite red and become blistered in appearance. Care needs to be taken after treatment and sometimes bandages and anti-bacterial medicine is used to prevent infection.

Glycolic Acid a home acne treatment?

Professional dermatologists regard Glycolic Acid acne treatment as unsuitable for home use due to the care and after-care supervision required. Keeping the Glycolic Acid on for too long or using too strong a Glycolic Acid solution is very dangerous. In fact, this type of acne treatment does not conform to FDA or EU safely levels and so should be avoided.

For this reason we would not recommend using this form of treatment unsupervised, if at all. Instead if you have mild to moderate acne that you wish to treat then there are over the counter acne products that can do the job.

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